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Duty Gear

With both nylon and leather options available, Frontline Outfitters stock belts, pouches, holsters and equipment bags in Uncle Mikes, Blackhawk and Benchcraft brands for the Canadian marketplace.

Blackhawk's new T-Series L3D holster with its
Uncle Mike's Kodra ultra duty belt
Rigid enough to carry gear, flexible enough for da
Single Duty Cuff Case #88781
Innovative one-piece design!
Blackhawk Serpa CQC concealment holster
Featuring a unique speed-cut design, the BLACKHAWK
Uncle Mike's Kodra ultra duty belt
Even more stability for when you carry extra gear.
Blackhawk Serpa level 3 holster
Level 3 retention holsters have long been the stan
Loop Back Belt
The thinnest inner duty belt we offer.
Blackhawk Serpa level 3 light bearing holster
Featuring our highest level of security, the Level
Blackhawk EPOCH level 3 light bearing duty holster
Building on our track record of reliable holster p
Plain Leather, Nickel buckle
Ideal to fit the wider belt loops of uniform pants
Blackhawk taser X26 duty holster
Featuring unparalleled retention and coverage, the
Uncle Mikes OC Case
Perfect for keeping personal chemical agents right
Blackhawk ergonomic duty harness
Ease the load of your duty belt to help prevent ba
Uncle Mike's double magazine case
For long lasting, hard working mag cases that real
Uncle Mike Single Mag/Folding Knife case
Ideal for a large folding knife or a single magazi
Blackhawk Tactical Holster Platform, Black
Build your own tactical thigh rig platform.
Uncle Mike's flashlight cases
Closed design with a reinforced flap protects your
Uncle Mike's Universal Radio Case
Fits most police, fire and business band radios.
Uncle Mike's glove pouch
Available in single or double glove pouch.
CPR kit
CPR kit with belt loop attachment is perfect for p
Uncle Mike's standard key holder
Various key holder options!
Blackhawk injection molded taser X26 cartridge holder
Injection-molded carbon-fiber blend construction.
Blackhawk molded Taser X26 cartridge holder
Only BLACKHAWK!® has combined the crisp, professio
Uncle Mike's patrol equipment bag
Uncle Mikes Side Armor Patrol Bag is built to last
Glove Strap Nylon with Velcro
This glove strap is equipped with a loop to attach
M4/M16 Staggered Mag Pouch (Holds 2) - MOLLE.
Molle Mag Pouch
Mounts to any S.T.R.I.K.E.® or PALS/MOLLE platform
Cuff/Mag/Light Pouch - MOLLE.
CQB/Rigger’s Belt is a longtime bestseller at BLAC
Uncle Mikes Belt Keepers
Uncle Mikes' belt keepers are the best on the
Molle Admin Pouch
Mounts to any S.T.R.I.K.E.® or PALS/MOLLE platform
Utility Pouch - MOLLE.