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Marking Rounds, Force On Force

Force on Force™ boast superior performance, signature marking and reliable ballistics.

Unlike other products on the market, Force on Force training ammunition is lead-free and safe for indoor use. Our special marking agent has an extended shelf-life and leaves a distinctive mark on target.

  • Designed to work with your existing Simunition conversion kits.
  • Safe 1-foot stand-off
  • Lead-free; safe for indoor use
  • Five-year shelf life
  • Robust recoil and function
  • Flawless loadability
  • Doesn't foul barrels
  • No gun powder; no smoke and no smell
  • Appropriate pain penalty
  • Marking media is easy to clean and machine washable
  • No special packaging
  • Marking colours: Blue , Green, White, Red and Yellow
  • Blanks also available. This round provides proper noise signature without any projectile. No projectile, train anywhere, and lead free.

Also available are various protective garments special designed for the Force on Force rounds. Contact us for details.

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Sold per case of 500 rounds.