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Real Muskrat Fur Hat

When the weather turns cold, these hats can't be beat! This style of winter fur hat consists of a melton cloth or nylon shell, muskrat side and front flap, and a quilted lining. These are made with real Number 1 muskrat fur trim.
  • Top shell consists of five pieces, one front panel split horizontally at the flap and two panels on each side extending to the center
  • The front fur flap is held in the up position by two snap fasteners
  • The side fur flaps are held in an up position by a ribbon 8” long, attached to each flap
  • The liner consists of three pieces of quilted lining material made up of a polyester liner and insulated pad
  • Matching thread colour


Melton cloth or nylon shell

Muskrat side and front flap

Quilted lining

Real Number 1 muskrat fur trim


Size 6 1/2 to 8




Dark Navy

O.D. Green