Public Safety Supply Specialists


Frontline Outfitters™ has ballistic vests with the latest in NIJ testing and fabrics. We have external armour molle carrier options for the Canadian Police and Law Enforcement market, as well as under the shirt breathable carriers.

Enforcer 6000
Thin, light, flexible and high performing.
Enforcer 5000
The Enforcer 5000 is a NIJ 06 design combining Hon
The Tactical Correctional Vest is a versatile Cell
Concealable Correctional Vests with improvised spi
UV Midnight Navy
Designed to look like a regular uniform shirt.
Elebco UVS204 Flextech Undervest shirt
Worn under an armour vest carrier, the UV2 FlexTec
Elbeco UV2 Pinnacle Storm Shirt
Another Elbeco designed garment to be worn underne