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Frontline Outfitters are proud to distribute Streamlight flashlights that carry a lifetime warranty for Police, Law Enforcement agencies, Fire and other related markets. Options include LED’s, small handheld Tactical lights that are both compact and bright. Models available in rechargeable and battery operated.

Streamlight Strion flashlight
Compact, professional light designed for the broad
Stinger DS flashlight
This all purpose flashlight is designed for the br
Streamlight Scorpion flashlight
One of the brightest, lightest personal flashlight
Streamlight Polystinger flashlight
Lightweight, powerful, safety-rated, rechargeable
Streamlight protac hl3 88047
The technology that allows us to put 1,100 lumens
Streamlight Clipmate flashlight
Equipped with three high-intensity LEDs and an inn
Streamlight TLR-1 HL flashlight
This weapon mounted TLR-1 HL provides a 800 lumen
 ProTac 2AAA, Streamlight 88039
Protac 2AA LED light #88033 by Streamlight
The ProTac 2AA is a versatile personal carry ligh
Streamlight traffic wands
These Streamlight Safety Wands convert your flashl