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Public Safety Supply Specialists

Handcuffs & Restraints

Frontline Outfitters stock Peerless brand handcuffs (both chain and hinged), leg irons and belly chains for Police, Corrections, Sheriffs and other Law Enforcement agencies. Cuffs available in various finishes.

Peerless chain cuffs
The classic design is new and improved.
Peerless oversized chain cuffs
The Model 702C is designed specifically for larger
Peerless chain cuffs black
The classic design is new and improved.
Peerless hinge cuffs
The Model 801C features an improved internal lock
Peerless leg irons
The Model 703C is made to meet or exceed the Natio
Peerless 705C Oversized Leg Irons
The Peerless Oversize Leg Iron has been redesigned
Peerless belly chains
The Model 7002C Waist Chain is designed for specia
Zak handcuff key
This long handcuff key is compatible with all stan
Zak ZT55 Key Ring Holder
Ideal when you need quick access to many keys.